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As a mum of six, I know just how over whelming this whole ‘new mum thing’ can be. So at SweetDreamers© we’ve taken the time to compile some useful information which we hope will help in those early days or may be handy for when your baby just doesn’t seem to be that interested in sleep……..

It’s always a good idea to establish a calming bedtime routine to help settle your little one down for the night.

This could consist of:

bath time with soothing lavender baby bubbles –
why not try Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Lavender and Camomile Baby Bath? See reviews on reviewcentre.

wrapping your baby in a luxurious soft cuddly towel –
a fabulous range of innovative hooded baby towels, aprons and accessories are now widely available in most high street stores and are highly recommended.

followed by a little baby massage –
why not try a local class? Check out netmums for advice.

and of course sharing your child’s favourite story book – it’s never too early to introduce reading and it’s a fabulous way to calm and enjoy snuggles, whilst at the same time being a helpful cue that it’s time for bed!

Then quietly settling your ‘bundle of joy down’ to sleep in a dimly lit room with his favourite comforter, our ewan snuggly or blankee maybe? Another great way of emulating the tight security of the womb is to try swaddling your baby, again there are a great range of swaddles now widely available.

Of course, using our SweetDreamers© sleep products at the final stage of this bedtime routine would help your little one contentedly drift off to into peaceful slumber, transforming your bedtime routine into a happy experience for all.

For those times when your baby’s sleep routine doesn’t quite go to plan, here are some further really helpful sites:

National Child Birth Trust – The NCT gives great advice on frequent waking, teething, childhood illness etc
Cry-Sis – advice on how to cope and remedy persistent crying.

Cranial Osteopathy – information on just what cranial osteopathy is and how it can help babies with all sorts of problems.

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