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THANK YOU!!! Don't know if I could survive without ewan the dream sheep!

Lily Allen- Singer

The heartbeat is her fav!! She actually really likes it!

Amanda Holden - TV Presenter

She has a ewan the dream sheep which makes sounds and she loves that.

Una Healy - Singer

Huge thank you for the fab ewan..Covey loves it!

Konnie Huq - Xtra Factor

I would recommend all new parents get a ewan!

Jenni Falconer - TV Presenter

ewan is a lovely way for babies and toddlers to learn to love sleep.

Jo Tantum - Baby Sleep Expert

ewan the dream sheep has been absolutely indispensable!

Kirsty McCabe - Daybreak

In a word ewan is a MIRACLE!

Claire from West Sussex

Thank you ewan for making bedtimes peaceful & calming.

Charlotte Everiss

We are truly ewan fans now! Every mum should have one! 

Julie from Ayrshire

Freya has not let go of ewan all day!

Cally Hill

ewan has made for a very lovely peaceful bedtime which is fantastic.

Cate from Perth

I love ewan the dream sheep and when the kids have outgrown him, I will be taking him to bed when I can't sleep.

Sarah Halloran

During the day ewan takes his place in the buggy and is great for a visit to the grandparents or the doctors

Ann from London

We are full of praise for ewan and have recommended him to everyone that we speak to.

Gavin & Kat Evans

My daughter fell asleep within a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing

Louise from Chichester

At SweetDreamers© we consider that it’s essential to promote the Department of Health recommended sleep guidelines, to help reduce the risk of sudden infant deaths and keep our precious babies safe.

Here are the guidelines courtesy of FSID website:
 Try to remember that cot death is rare and that if you follow advice such as sleeping your baby on the back (back to sleep), you will be reducing their risk of cot death considerably.

Since the introduction of our ‘reduce the risk of cot death’ campaign in 1991 the number of babies dying has fallen by 75%. Advances in research mean we are regularly discovering new positive steps parents can take. Follow the steps below to give your baby the chance of a lifetime.


Advice for parents to reduce the risk of cot death:

• Cut smoking in pregnancy – fathers too! And don’t let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby.

• Place your baby on the back to sleep (and not on the front or side).

• Do not let your baby get too hot, and keep your baby’s head uncovered.

• Place your baby with their feet to the foot of the cot, to prevent them wriggling down under the covers, or use a baby sleep bag.

• Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair.

• The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a crib or cot in a room with you for the first six months.
It’s especially dangerous for your baby to sleep in your bed if you (or your partner)

• are a smoker, even if you never smoke in bed or at home

• have been drinking alcohol

• take medication or drugs that make you drowsy

• feel very tired; or if your baby

• was born before 37 weeks 
• weighed less than 2.5kg or 5½ lbs at birth.


Don’t forget, accidents can happen:

you might roll over in your sleep and suffocate your baby; or your baby could get caught between the wall and the bed, or could roll out of an adult bed and be injured.

• Settling your baby to sleep (day and night) with a dummy can reduce the risk of cot death, even if the dummy falls out while your baby is asleep.

• Breastfeed your baby. Establish breastfeeding before starting to use a dummy. (fsid.org)Log on to www.fsid.org.uk for full guidelines concerning safe sleep