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THANK YOU!!! Don't know if I could survive without ewan the dream sheep!

Lily Allen- Singer

The heartbeat is her fav!! She actually really likes it!

Amanda Holden - TV Presenter

She has a ewan the dream sheep which makes sounds and she loves that.

Una Healy - Singer

Huge thank you for the fab ewan..Covey loves it!

Konnie Huq - Xtra Factor

I would recommend all new parents get a ewan!

Jenni Falconer - TV Presenter

ewan is a lovely way for babies and toddlers to learn to love sleep.

Jo Tantum - Baby Sleep Expert

ewan the dream sheep has been absolutely indispensable!

Kirsty McCabe - Daybreak

In a word ewan is a MIRACLE!

Claire from West Sussex

Thank you ewan for making bedtimes peaceful & calming.

Charlotte Everiss

We are truly ewan fans now! Every mum should have one! 

Julie from Ayrshire

Freya has not let go of ewan all day!

Cally Hill

ewan has made for a very lovely peaceful bedtime which is fantastic.

Cate from Perth

I love ewan the dream sheep and when the kids have outgrown him, I will be taking him to bed when I can't sleep.

Sarah Halloran

During the day ewan takes his place in the buggy and is great for a visit to the grandparents or the doctors

Ann from London

We are full of praise for ewan and have recommended him to everyone that we speak to.

Gavin & Kat Evans

My daughter fell asleep within a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing

Louise from Chichester

soothing sounds

When your precious little angel is in the womb they hear sounds that are filtered from high and medium frequencies, mainly in the low bass 125hz, ‘pink noise’ range. After your little one is born they can suddenly hear all ranges of frequencies, yet despite this, paediatric research has shown that the pink noise range still has the greatest sleep-inducing effect. image So bearing this in mind, all of the sound combinations used in our dream sheep have been carefully recorded by clever positioning of the microphone to achieve the desired 125hz pink noise low bass sound frequency. Better still, the sounds have then been combined to produce predominantly pink noise sound sequences, which have changing rhythms – so that your baby does not get used to a specific pattern of sounds which could end up in the sound sequences losing their soothing effect. Paediatric research has proven that this particular method of combining sounds can be successful with even the most persistent crying babies, so we thought it was essential to replicate this in our dream sheep, ewan®.


why harp therapy?

Harp therapy has been used for hundreds of years to help induce a calming atmosphere and its amazing therapeutic effects have been well documented throughout the ages, making it an obvious choice for ewan® to help calm and settle not only your little one, but you too!