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THANK YOU!!! Don't know if I could survive without ewan the dream sheep!

Lily Allen- Singer

The heartbeat is her fav!! She actually really likes it!

Amanda Holden - TV Presenter

She has a ewan the dream sheep which makes sounds and she loves that.

Una Healy - Singer

Huge thank you for the fab ewan..Covey loves it!

Konnie Huq - Xtra Factor

I would recommend all new parents get a ewan!

Jenni Falconer - TV Presenter

ewan is a lovely way for babies and toddlers to learn to love sleep.

Jo Tantum - Baby Sleep Expert

ewan the dream sheep has been absolutely indispensable!

Kirsty McCabe - Daybreak

In a word ewan is a MIRACLE!

Claire from West Sussex

Thank you ewan for making bedtimes peaceful & calming.

Charlotte Everiss

We are truly ewan fans now! Every mum should have one! 

Julie from Ayrshire

Freya has not let go of ewan all day!

Cally Hill

ewan has made for a very lovely peaceful bedtime which is fantastic.

Cate from Perth

I love ewan the dream sheep and when the kids have outgrown him, I will be taking him to bed when I can't sleep.

Sarah Halloran

During the day ewan takes his place in the buggy and is great for a visit to the grandparents or the doctors

Ann from London

We are full of praise for ewan and have recommended him to everyone that we speak to.

Gavin & Kat Evans

My daughter fell asleep within a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing

Louise from Chichester

Here are the most frequently asked questions; if there’s something you’re still not sure about, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Please click a question to find out the answer.

  • My new ewan's batteries have run out after only a few days!

    ewan is supplied with demo batteries only which do not last long, so we advise you to change the batteries as soon as you get him.

  • Why have my ewan's sounds become tinny and distorted?

    If your ewan's sounds have suddenly become tinny and distorted, this is an indication that the batteries need to be changed as a low battery effects the sound quality.

  • Why does my ewan keep beeping?

    Some of our early ewans have a beeping sound notifaction when the batteries are low. This means that the batteries need changing.

  • How do I wash ewan®?

    Please do not put ewan® in the washing machine as you will break his electronics. To clean please pull out the control pod from his tummy and wrap in a plastic bag to help protect it from splashes of water. While it is still out of his body, gently sponge clean ewan® with a minumum amount of warm soapy water and leave to dry.  Pay special care when sponging off the area around the light at the front of ewan®.  When ewan® is completely dry, take the plastic bag off the control pod and replace it back inside his tummy.

  • How do I switch the light on and off on ewan®?

    Open up his tummy and remove the control pod. Move the bottom switch to either ‘light on’ or ‘light off’. Replace the control pod into ewan®’s tummy.

  • How do I adjust the volume on ewan®?

    Open up his tummy and remove the control pod. Move the top switch from either ‘loud’ to ‘quiet’. Replace the control pod into ewan®’s tummy.

  • Why is my ewan® only playing his sounds for 1 minute instead of 20 minutes and not scrolling through the different sounds?

    Make sure you switch your ewan® from ‘try me’ mode into ‘normal’. Open up his tummy and remove the control pod. Move the centre switch from ‘try me’ into ‘normal.’ Replace the control pod into ewan®’s tummy. ewan® will now play for the full 20 minutes. See image gallery at the foot of the page.

  • Why isn’t ewan® sound activated so that he starts automatically when my baby cries?

    We spent a great deal of time researching this particular area and having consulted medical professionals, it was decided that having an automatic sound activated feature should be avoided at all costs. This is due to the fact that current research has shown that it is vitally important that as parents, you interact with your baby when they wake up, so that you can find out exactly why your baby is distressed and take appropriate action. After having checked your baby and remedied any problem, then ewan® can be re-activated.

  • What is the standard guarantee?

    ewan® the dream sheep comes with a standard 12 month manufacturers guarantee

  • What safety standards does the ewan® the dream sheep comply with?

    We have strived to make the ewan® the dream sheep as safe as possible and have been extremely vigilant in making sure that he conforms to or exceeds all recommended British and European Safety Standards: BS EN 716, BS EN 71 and CE.

  • What age can I use the ewan® the dream sheep up to?

    You can use ewan® from birth upwards to adult!

  • Can I take ewan® with me if I take my baby out of the home?

    Yes. ewan® loves to travel! Just secure him to your buggy or car seat by his Velcro tail and his soothing sounds will help your baby sleep during the journey.

  • Can I use ewan® with a moses basket?

    Yes, place ewan® close by or suspend on the wicker handle. DO NOT place directly inside the Moses basket.

  • How long do the sounds play for?

    The sounds play for 20 minutes.

  • What age can my child have ewan® to cuddle in the cot?

    We comply with the safety guidelines suggested by fsid which suggest that soft toys are NOT placed in a child's cot unil they are at least one year old. Therefore we do not recommend that ewan® is placed in the cot before your child is one year old,  although as always this is entirely at parent's own discretion.

  • Can I use ewan® with an Angelcare® monitor?

    As ewan® does not move at all, it is entirely at the parent's discretion if they decide to use ewan® with the Angelcare® monitor – please see the Angelcare® website for a more detailed explanation of products that may affect an Angelcare® monitor.