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ewan® appears on Daybreak TV

Posted on Sunday 13th January 2013 00:00 by karlaerskine

Armed with the ‘yawn inducing’ fact that a recent survey suggests almost half of new parents of little ones are suffering because of severe lack of sleep, ITV’s Daybreak presenter Lucy Watson flocked to the ever popular Baby Show venue at Birmingham NEC to check out the latest ‘must haves’ to combat sleepless nights.
It took only a matter of moments for Lucy to fall for ewan®’s charms as she picked him out as one of her favourites and then went on to explain...”Actually what it does is lull babies off to sleep because it replicates the noise of the womb.” Lucy then went on to cuddle ewan® throughout the entire TV report, giving viewers a great chance to take a good look at the wooly wonder!  Following his TV debut, ewan® was certainly in demand as his flock quite literally flew off the shelves at the show. Lynda Harding, ewan®’s ‘mummy’ inventor said “We had completely sold out by the morning of day 2 so we decided to take pre-orders for ewan’s next flock. It was totally amazing just how many people had seen him on Daybreak.... it certainly proves ewan’s got the D-Factor !”
But Lucy isn’t ewan®’s only Daybreak celebrity fan, Kirsty McCabe the show’s weather presenter, has been using ewan® at sleep times with her baby Ethan since he was born on Christmas Day. Kirsty says “ewan is absolutely indispensable; Ethan loves falling asleep to his music staring at the red light! We now take his dream sheep everywhere we go and it definitely helps Ethan self settle”. Pretty conclusive evidence that ewan® is top of Kirsty’s forecast for ‘sleepy spells’!